SNA Unit  
The Godavari College of Nursing is having a Special SNA (Student Nursing Association) Unit. SNA Unit is affiliated with TNAI New Delhi. TNAI stands for The Trained Nurses Association of India. It is promoting the students in various co-curricular activities & maintaining discipline. The Trained Nurses Association of India is the national body of practitioners of Nursing at various levels. The main idea behind the establishment of the Association was to uphold in every way the dignity and honor of the Nursing profession and to promote team spirit, apart from enabling the members to represent their grievances and express their point of view to concerned quarters in events of problematic situations.

SNA Unit Pledge
  • I solemnly pledge myself before God and in presence of this assembly to practice my profession with dedication.
  • I will serve mankind with love and compassion, recognizing their dignity and rights irrespective of color, caste, creed, religion and nationality.
  • I will Endeavour to maintain up-to-date knowledge and skill to uphold standard of nursing care to individual, family and community.
  • I will hold in confidence personal matters of my clients committed to my care and help them to develop confidence in care rendered by me.
  • I will refrain from any activity that will harm my personal and professional dignity as a Nurse.
  • I will actively support my profession and strive towards its advancement.
  • I will fulfill my responsibilities as a citizen and encourage change towards better health.