Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Obstetric and gynaecological nursing is a nursing specialty that works with care of motherhood and care of women with abnormalities in reproductive system. We teach the nursing students to provide care of women during prenatal, intranatal, postnatal periods and care of women with Gynaecological problems. With highly motivated teaching faculties we provide sound theoretical knowledge. We have greatly modernized equipments and facilities to provide training to the nursing students on various practical sessions. Scientific understanding, level of knowledge, acquisition of necessary skills and techniques and development of appropriate attitudes are monitored and evaluated. Among our greatest attributes is emphasis on competencies, creativity, critical thinking, clinical skills development, good professional judgment, informed decisions, effective and safe quality practice and keeping abreast with emerging concepts.

Medical Surgical
Medical Surgical Nursing is a nursing speciality area to prepare with the highest levels of competency to care for adults and children with medical surgical conditions. The subject is taught to B.Sc. Nursing (Basic,) B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and M.Sc. Nursing students primarily. The faculty members use various modern and innovative teaching strategies like seminars, demonstrations, simulation, clinical presentations, conferences, workshops, projects and discussions etc.which are of immense benefit to students. The department faculty are also actively involved in diverse and collaborative funded research projects.

Community Health

"Reach the unreached"
The Department of Community Health Nursing takes initiative in fostering and strengthening the relationship of College with the community. The Department imparts quality education to the students and is committed to prepare them as efficient community health nurses. The department creatively plans all its activities towards strengthening the humane and technical skills of students to enable them to provide quality service to individual, family and community. This department collaborates with community members to provide care, improve the health of children, adults and families. These collaborations are life-changing for the community as well as for students, who receive hands-on experience to become more adept at engaging and promoting health.

Paediatric Nursing
Child health nursing encompasses a wide scope of practice typically associated with child care for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our department fosters a enrichment of students knowledge, attitude and practice in various health promotional activities of children and their families.
To provide the highest level of compassionate patient centered care and family centered through innovative evidenced- based nursing practice, education and research. Integration of developmental needs of children into
nursing care with holistic approach.
Integration of scientific principles and theory related to child health nursing.
Interdisciplinary team approach to plan and provide comprehensive child care.
Focusing on the ethical, moral and legal issues regarding child care. The department observes significant days, educational and health related programmes, field visits, camp's in collorabtion with various departments. Standard procedure's manuals and protocols are in practice and updates as per the current scenario in the changing patterns of health care delivery system and advancement in paediatric care.

Psychiatric Nursing
To enable students to become empathetic mental health professional, engaged in promotion of mental health, identification, care and rehabilitation of the mentally ill.
The department offer advanced level of teaching and training to the students.
The department undertakes socially relevant and culturally appropriate research.
The department provides guidance and counselling services to the students.
The department provides specialized clinical exposure to the graduate and post graduate students.

Fundamental of Nursing
The primary goal of the Fundamentals Lab is to enhance the nursing students to learn the basic nursing skills and intervention concepts with the valuable opportunity of practicing them on adult-sized "patients in an acute care hospital setting. The basic skill of nursing practice is through the utilization of theory and kinaesthetic learning principles. The physical layout accommodates various learning areas according to the needs of the students. The lab consists of 15 hospital beds holding "patients" (mannequins). The "patients", with movable limbs and replaceable parts, are recipients of a variety of nursing interventions - repositioning, injections, intravenous catheters, nasogastric tubes, foleys catheters, wound care, and oxygenation therapy. The uniqueness of the Lab is that it combines the atmosphere of the hospital environment with sophisticated learning technology. It is instrumental for insuring the success of all our nursing students as they progress throughout their baccalaureate program.