Hostel And Mess Feedback

Hostel And Mess Feedback
  1) Your responses will be seen at the end of your current year of study.
  2) The information will be used only for the improvement of the course and teaching in future.
Students are required to rate the Courses/Syllabus on the following attributes using grade shown.
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Please select appropriate box.
Sr.No. Parameters Scale
1 The Hostel Rooms Are Clean And Well Maintained SA A N D SD
2 Clean drinking water is available SA A N D SD
3 Hostel has adequate power supply SA A N D SD
4 The hostel has good security system SA A N D SD
5 The buildings are disabled friendly lifts and ramps are placed where necessary SA A N D SD
6 Toilets and washrooms are clean and properly maintained SA A N D SD
7 Sanitary napkin dispenser machines are available SA A N D SD
8 Mess is clean and well maintained SA A N D SD
9 Food provided by mess is nutritious andhygienically presented SA A N D SD
10 Kitchen and cutlery of mess is clean with maintained hygiene SA A N D SD
11 Warden is approachable and helpful SA A N D SD
12 Hostel Surroundings (Security, Hygiene) SA A N D SD
13 Internet Facilities SA A N D SD
14 Attention on Problems/ Behavior of Hostel Staff SA A N D SD
Suggestions about how to improve Hostel and mess: